Because of the creation of the Sonic.EXE creepypasta, Amy.EXE was born. Stories and sightings of the evil version of Amy Rose known as Amy.EXE started circulating around the internet. Like Sonic.EXE’s character, AMY.EXE mysteriously appears in classic Sonic games. Her evil has been seen in glitched, corrupted, and deleted levels that players have accidentally stumbled on. This version of Amy Rose is pure Evil. She loves to torture people just for fun and loves the sight of blood and brutal destruction. Instead of Sonic The Hedgehog as her self-proclaimed love, Amy.EXE has a non-serious relationship with Shadow.EXE [Image] but her main evil love is Sonic.EXE [image]. If you want to read a creepy witness based story about the POSSESSED Amy.EXE – Click Here.

Amy.EXE Game Downloads

This is a complete list of downloadable fan-made games related to Amy.EXE. This list is very slim at the moment. When new worthy games are released we will add them here. If you know of a great Amy.EXE game not yet listed, please be sure to contact us.

Sally.EXE Discovery Game [Amy DLC] By RealGianDev

A neat 2D platform-style Creepypasta game featuring Sally, Cream, and Amy.EXE. Each character has there own level route and creepy story. (Download the main game and the DLC Sally.EXE Discovery [Part 2] which features Amy’s Route). – DOWNLOAD GAME HERE

Sally.EXE Continued Nightmare Game By Твин @JaizKoys

This is a well done Sally.EXE game that recently got updated with Amy Rose’s story Route. Which adds in a new creepy gameplay experience and an insane AMY.EXE Boss Battle – DOWNLOAD GAME HERE.

Best Amy.EXE Fan Art

This is the best Amy.EXE fan art we could find when searching across the internet. If you have a piece of amazing fan art (Family Safe Only) related to Amy.exe please leave an image link below in the Facebook comments section. If we like your art enough, we will feature it on this page!

Amyexe By Yoshiyoshi700

SAD By VallionShad

Different Morphs By ManicKatie2

Big Smile By VallionShad

Dark Love (Shadow.EXE & Amy.EXE) BY CrazySonyaTheChaos

Insane Amy.EXE By luciolez

Best Resource Links

These are must check out links related to Amy.EXE. Just incase you want see more of her or know more about her.

A Gallery Of Creepy Amy.EXE & SonAmy.EXE Stories

Complete Amy Rose.EXE Deviantart Fan Art Collection

Watch Amy.EXE Videos On Youtube

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